Q is missing
Quentin Godwin
His Family


Q is part of a big family, with 3 sisters, a step-brother and sister plus numerous cousins. Now he also has small nieces and nephews living in New Zealand and the UK - so the family is growing.

He also has family in England and was very attached to his grandparents there, having spent several happy holidays at their house in the Sussex countryside.

He could be a real pain to his siblings and parents at times (as they no doubt were to him!) but ultimately he was a real family person and even as a teenage rebel he kept good contact and communication going for most of the time. 

But he had his fair share of questions, problems and peer pressures to deal with and certainly went through some hard times in his developing years. In the last year or so at home, he had experienced severe depression, a factor possibly responsible for his disapearance.

We feel he didn't leave home because he was unhappy there - more because he was unhappy with himself.

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