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Quentin Godwin
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This website has 2 main purposes:

  • to try to find out something, anything, about Q and his life since 1992
  • to let him know we still care, we love him and think about him. We would love to be in contact but just knowing he knew this would be enough

If you genuinely can help and have any ideas or information - however small or insignificant it may seem - please do get in touch at this email address: sarah@qismissing.com

We will respect any request for anonymity so please do contact us for any valid reason.

Should you wish to be in contact with a third party
rather than the family there is an email address or phone number on UK charity website Missing People which provides confidential support and message service at 

Tel: 0044 208 392 4545

Both these contacts are fully confidential and you will be talking to a person who is experienced with the issues around missing people, someone who can help you and hopefully, us the family in the long run. Details on Quentin are on their charity database.

Sad to say it seems there are many people out there who get some perverse pleasure out of giving false information or making crank claims - we had our fair share of these over the years. They waste time and cause pain so please - we don't need that sort of attention.


Thanks for your time in looking at this site.
Maybe you can help us or have a similar story and can relate to this familys' plight, if so, our thoughts are with you too.



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