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Quentin Godwin

MAY 2017
The Missing People Choir is on Britain's Got Talent!

There may be people  who haven't by now heard of the amazing performance from Missing People Choir on the ITV show Britain's Got Talent!! 

I'll add the Youtube link here, Quentin features in the interviews and the song I Miss You is dedicated to all our missing loved ones.


JULY 2014 update.

July 30th was Q’s 41st birthday and uncannily on this day I get a letter from the NZ Coroner to register his ‘death’ – a decision has finally been made after a last-minute Police inquiry into information received back in February, on the day of the Inquest. 

So the Coroner has decided that ‘on the balance of probabilities’ he has either taken his own life or come to an untimely end somehow. Yes, that’s obviously a possibility but with absolutely no proof it isn’t enough reason for me to believe he is dead. There are too many questions unanswered and other possibilities which could equally be valid, so for me the book is still open and the final chapter far from written. 

One day we might know something which will fill in the gap of 22 years of not-knowing – I have to wait for that one day.  A Death Certificate is a sombre piece of paper but in spite of this official reckoning,  I'll carry on thinking he is still with us, not just because I want to believe that but also because there is no PROOF he is not here in this world.


May 1992 is a long time ago. Since then, the family has grown up, moved around the world, started their own families. 20 years later the search for Quentin goes on because it is so hard for all the family to just let it be. 

So - what now? 

It is possible that, because of his depression, Q has been in contact with health professionals or social workers so this group of people may have some knowledge of his whereabouts.......

The questions are still there as is the grief and sheer pain of not knowing anything. No news is not necessarily good news and we have had to learn to live with the never ending questions. The search continues............


As mother of a 'longterm missing person' I have become a Family Representative for the charity Missing People in London. It has involved me in different events and occasions, from speaking to a panel of MP's at a Parliamentary Inquiry to telling 'our story' to corporate donors for the charity. I have also met other parents and families of people who are 'living in limbo' as we are, not able to grieve and wondering how or where their  missing loved ones may be.

At the Parliamentary Inquiry May 2011 with Kate McCann and Nicki Durbin


Facebook - there's an open group for anyone to join called 'Looking for Quentin' 

We know there is a Quentin Godwin  living in France - sadly he is NOT our Q. 

Finally a song - thanks to Lucinda Williams for permission to use this track Are You Alright? from her album West and to Alina for her great video on Youtube Have a listen please.

This website has been visited by thousands of people all across the world and we have had many warm and wonderful emails from strangers and old friends - many thanks to everyone.


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